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Appraisal Consultants  -  Fixed Asset Database Maintenance Specialists  -  Capital Asset Inventories & Valuations

Mission Consulting LLC offers expert appraisal, inventory and fixed asset database continuation services to the public sector.  Our extensive experience in all phases of fixed asset database maintenance, conversion and customization, as well as that in capital asset valuation, tracking and software training allows us to offer you a viable outsourcing alternative for your fixed asset appraisal and continued maintenance needs.  Our value-driven, turnkey solutions include:

Capital asset appraisals
Full inventories including insurance values
Fixed asset maintenance continuation services
Annual insurance valuation updates
Customized data solutions

Unlike large appraisal or accounting firms, we offer you one central point of contact for your project, reasonable fees without the overhead, and a real concern for your deadlines.  You become a partner, not a number in a corporate sales forecast.  Mission Consulting can also offer advantages over in-house employees maintaining your fixed assets.  No payroll and benefits to meet year-round while most of the year may be unproductive for that employee and your department.  No risk of turnover, training and adjustment periods.  And because of our experience, you'll get quality values and consistent data.

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